Asian Astrology and Tibetan Buddhism

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Tibetan Astrology

Tibetan lunar calendar for each day
How to find your good and bad days in the calendar
Things to do or to avoid for :
  *  animal of the day
  *  day of the week
  *  mewa of the day
  *  parkha of the day
  *  gyoukar of the day
Your good days for haircut
Positive and Negative days for each sign - Monthly Cycle   
  * method for determination
Quality of the days of the week for each sign - Weekly Cycle
Mewas: Mantra for each sign   (in french only)
MO : Tibetan Divination   (in french only)

Traditional Astrology

Ephemeris  Horoscope for each day
    *  How to use ephemeris for horoscope
Guardian Angels   (in french only)

Chinese Astrology

Calendar to find your chinese year and element
Signs charasteristics   (in french only)
Elements characteristics   (in french only)
Compatibility between chinese signs   (in french only)

Tibetan Buddhism

Pictures: Homage to some precious tibetan teachers
Pilgrimage   (in french only)
Messages et comments

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